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The ancient Japanese art of Healing

I also offer Reiki sessions either for you or your animal. This ancient Japanese healing art is one of the most well known and respected methods of energy healing available today and is recognized and used in hospitals and clinics throughout the world as a complimentary and non-invasive way to assist self healing.

Reiki translated means “Rei” Universal and “Ki” - life energy or vital life force. It can be simple yet powerful and is always directed by the inner knowing of the person receiving it to where it is needed most in each session.

Animals respond particularly well to Reiki, often choosing to be ‘in on the action’ during their ‘person’s’ session and coming back for more after experiencing the energy directly for themselves.

Gentle, relaxing, beautifully uplifting yet with the potential to powerfully transform and change lives. This is Reiki.

Reiki sessions can be conducted either in person or distantly.

US$95 per session (session times vary).

Reiki Disclaimer
Reiki sessions are not intended as a replacement or alternative for professional health care and do not diagnose, offer health related or medical advice or prescribe medication. For all health related concerns please consult your licensed healthcare professional.

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