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For those interested in more than just a session, I also offer numerology classes. Learn the underlying meanings of the basic numbers and develop a greater awareness of yourself, and those you are in relationship with at the same time. Contact me for further information.

Reiki Clinics

As a certified Reiki master, I am also very happy to share my understanding and love of this ancient art and invite you to join me in learning it for yourself. I offer a relaxed, inspiring and informative two day workshop which includes Reiki 1 and 2. Come and experience the transformative magic of one of the most popular and recognized forms of energy healing in the world!! I look forward to sharing it with you. Contact me for further information.

Connecting with Animals

Learn how to enhance your connection with your own animals by developing and growing your intuitive knowing. Through a series of enjoyable guided meditations, discover your innate ability to truly link with the animal kingdom. Contact me for further information.

Connect with me to seek clarity and inspiration for your path ahead