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I've had several Intuitive Readings

with Christine and each one has been immensely uplifting, inspiring and clarifying. Christine is a highly attuned empathic healer and has channeled powerful images and words which relate directly to my life. The messages have given me a supportive anchor from which to navigate and have deeply nourished my soul.
Being an empathic healer myself, I've experienced many kinds of healing therapies and have found Intuitive guidance with Christine to be held in an especially nurturing, mature, warm and integrated space, each one reaching deeply healing layers of clarity, love, and understanding.
I highly recommend an Intuitive Reading with Christine particularly if you're looking for clarity and inspiration for your next steps forward, or for support in creating more healthy and focused habit patterns.

Alice L

United Kingdom

Over time I have had guidance with Christine

and have always considered her to be a spiritual guide and nurturer in my life. Christine’s warmth and humility in everything that she does as well as her unique ability to shed light into your life is something everyone needs more of.

Angela C


Amazing! You definitely have a gift Christine.

Made me feel so at ease and comfortable and you reminded me about things I had forgotten or tucked away, as well as giving advice on how to best deal with it. Highly recommended! Thanks again Christine and all the best for the future!

Cathrine P


A reading by Christine is a journey

within yourself. These are the words that come to me when I think about it. She helps get all the pieces of the puzzle of your present life together so you regain faith in your path. With metaphors and beautiful images, she sheds light on specific parts of your life or things that are related which can truly guide you. The first time she did a reading for me, I was totally mesmerized by her ability to get an understanding of what I was presently living. But more importantly it changed my perspective on things and I loved it so much that it wasn’t long before I wanted another one! The way she reads is unique and brings such a strong, lovely and positive energy. I wish for a lot of people to encounter Christine and get the magical touch I received. Since meeting Christine, I have been lucky enough to witness her doing animal communication as well, especially in Morocco where animals need it so desperately. By giving them a voice, Christine brought the best gift she could during her stay in Marrakech. The experiences with the horses I presented to her, deeply touched me as I loved the way she took each and everyone one of them as unique beings and saw them for who they are. I know they were grateful to finally have a say. Christine is such a generous, empathic person who gives her heart to these amazing animals. In a country like Morocco where there is little awareness of what animals truly are and where they are not treated well, she also took the time to communicate with other animals, particularly cats and dogs. This helped the owners get clarity on issues they didn't know how to solve. She is an authentic animal communicator who can totally help lives with her capacity to hear the unheard and see what seems invisible to the rest of us.

Safia K


Absolutely brilliant intuitive.

She provided incredibly accurate information for both myself and my cats. Her guidance has helped immensely and her healings are amazing. Although I didn't receive my Reiki attunement from her, I would if I hadn't already. Highly recommend!

Elaine R



I had an intuitive reading from Christine yesterday and it was amazing! I definitely recommend her.

Silvia C


Christine was like an angel

“I was referred to Christine when the situation with my horse was very difficult. I didn't know where to turn. He was having colic-like episodes almost every week for months. My vet wasn’t able to find out why it was happening so couldn't help me. Christine was like an angel. She saw things that gave me more understanding and more clarity. Not only did she help me see things clearly, but she also took a lot of time to empathize with me and offered suggestions that I could try. I followed her suggestions and the situation changed immediately. I still can't believe it. No more colic, my horse is well again, happy and calm. I recommend Christine 100%”.



Christine was amazing

"This was my first time having a numerology reading and Christine was amazing. Extremely intuitive and validated so much of what is going on in my life. Thank You!!!"

Jarret D


A journey within myself

Today I was lucky enough to enjoy a Personal reading with Christine. I feel this reading took me on a journey within myself. I feel she has helped grab all the pieces of my life together so as to help me grow and move forward with a little more guidance for my life’s path. I truly feel like she has shed light on parts of my life which will help guide me to where I am meant to be. I feel like I truly connected with Christine like I was completely understood in a way no one else ever has. I look forward to many more guidance. Thank you

Kacie B


Just over a year ago, I was going through a difficult time

and Christine kindly offered me a reading. I accepted. I was absolutely blown away by what she informed me, and I was sitting thinking, how do you know about me - even down to the unstable bottom of the Christmas tree! I recently had another reading, no repeating past stuff, just right what’s happening now, again I was amazed by the accuracy - it was like Christine was in my head. I have no hesitation in recommending Christine for a reading”.

Jill R

New Zealand

Christine has a rare talent for seeing beyond

“ the here and now and into the heart and soul of things…..her vision and understanding brings clarity, comfort, and peace to those fortunate enough to cross her path and who are open to her gifts”.

Caroline W

United Kingdom

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